I’m Janna. Originally from Canada, I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I am Hard of Hearing with a moderate to profound hearing loss. My hearing loss is hereditary and I’ve been Hard of Hearing since birth. I’ve navigated with this lifelong hearing loss through school, friendships, social situations, work, career and now most recently through parenthood. It’s been a huge part of my identity.

I’ve been home with my kids since March during this pandemic, and I found myself itching to be doing something. I had shared with my family videos of teaching language to my girls and what they are learning. I realized that I wanted share these stories with other families and hear their stories in return.

Why am I doing this?

  • I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful support system from the school district and schools my children attend.
  • I didn’t think that it would be hard to guide my children in growing up with a hearing loss, since I grew up with one
  • I learned there’s always a lot to learn – and share.

Some I cover:

  • Raising kids with hearing loss
  • Activities I use that help encourage language, speech and fine motor skills
  • What on earth are the LING sounds?
  • My experiences growing up with hearing loss
  • Answers to any questions that come up.

I look forward to our journey together.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this field. All views are based on my own observations and opinions.

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