Using CaptionMate

CaptionMate is a free real-time phone captioning app available in the US. I recently partnered with CaptionMate and have been using their product for a little while now. It makes me feel better about answering unexpected phone calls and speaking to people whose voices I am not familiar with. The other day I got a…

Sorting and Sound

When my daughter was 19 months old, I got these sorting bears and cups and spilled them out on the floor. She played with them for over an hour. I discovered that these bears are a great language and fine motor skill exercise. To do a focus exercise I’d recommend sticking to two colors and…

When my Hard of Hearing child says “What?”

“Never mind”. I’ve read about this a lot in the hearing loss community. As a person with hearing loss, I may ask you to repeat yourself many times. It’s annoying. I’ve been on both sides. It feels easy to say “never mind” especially when it’s truly not important. But “never mind”, “I’ll tell you later”,…


I’m Janna. Originally from Canada, I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I am Hard of Hearing with a moderate to profound hearing loss. My hearing loss is hereditary and I’ve been Hard of Hearing since birth. I’ve navigated with this lifelong hearing loss through school, friendships, social situations, work, career and now most…

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